Our family joined TES in February 2012, directly from primary school in Germany, and our daughter had no problem at all adapting to the school system here. What's more is that she can simultaneously receive English teaching and learn Chinese in TES. This has more added value than the German education system she received when she was in Europe, so we are very happy that the decision to return to Taipei has an additional effect on her educational development.

The diverse learning outside the school classroom is also quite fun! After arriving at the middle school in Yangmingshan, team activities and social service activities value the children's physical and mental health and encourage their diversified development. Our daughter continues to learn flute lessons in school, and today we are proud to watch her perform solo in the concerts, just like a professional musician! At the same time, although her physical fitness is not the best, the football team’s practice after class gave her the opportunity to exercise to balance the family pressure.

High School study and the IB system is very competitive, because students have to compete with students from all over the world to enter the university that suits them best. Under the pressure of study, the High School department pays great attention to the mental health of the students. The care for the students, from the teachers, never stops. From the perspective of parents, I really appreciate the care and support of TES teachers for these young people.

Parent groups also play a very important position in TES. We support the school on various events, students' projects, identify issues within student school lives for improvements, and provide a communication platform for parents to discuss concerns and problems that the student body may encounter. As a group of parents from many different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, our parents group is very international. Being a part of us is certainly a great way to make new friends from all over the world.