Parent Support Council 2021-2022

The Parent Support Council meet monthly to help support the major community events that are run across the school. The work they do is essential to the community at TES, driven from the desire to bring opportunity and engagement to students, the staff and the larger community. 

Meet your PSC team 2021-22

The PSC is represented by the 4 Section's Parent Associations.

3 representatives from the British Primary Parent Association, French Section Parent Association, German Parent Association and the European Secondary Campus Parent Association (inclusive of all section parents at the ESC) comprise the PSC team.

Parent Support Council Team 2021

The Parent Support Council elected the roles of Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary for the upcoming year 2021-22:

  • Chair - Ms. Gloria Chou (BPPA)
  • Vice-Chair - Ms. Jessica Wang-Simula (BPPA)
  • Treasurer - Ms. Sun Kim (FSPA)
  • Secretaries - Ms. Winnie Song, Ms. Linda Gottschlag (GSPA)

The other members of the PSC are:

  • Ms. Sylvia Oberhausen (ESCPA)
  • Ms. Mirjam Meidinger (ESCPA)
  • Ms. Anu Hesselbaek (ESCPA)
  • Ms. Judy Wu (BPPA)
  • Ms. Julia Chiu (FSPA)
  • Ms. Julia Wong (FSPA)
  • Mr. Morten Shih (GSPA)