We have a very international faculty, with fully qualified teachers from each language base: English, French and German. This hugely diverse amount of experience in educational fields from various countries around the world ensures there is always a freshness to the school and classroom environments. 

Outstanding Teachers from Across the World 

Our teachers are our greatest resource. We bring the best teachers from across the world, with all sections ensuring that the teaching staff have many years of experience in their native countries and in many cases in international schools from around the globe too.

Dedicated, Passionate Teachers

We are fortunate to have a well resourced, attractive learning environment, however, the most important elements in a child’s learning in school are the staff who provide care, support, challenge and opportunity.

TES recruits high calibre, well qualified teaching staff from many different countries.  All are dedicated to helping students to achieve their highest potential academically and to developing students’ independence, wellbeing and social conscience.

Teachers are supported in this commitment by a number of teaching support staff, including Learning Assistants and Administrative staff.

Leading Co-Curricular Activities 

Our teachers are fully committed to the students and the school community. Life for the teachers may start in their classrooms but it extends far beyond! Teachers get involved with a wide variety of Co-Curricular activities (CCAs) - coaching students and encouraging students to try and experience new activities. Their passion is contagious as students take these experiences far beyond the programme.

Involved with Community 

Our teachers' lives extend beyond the classroom as they get involved with school community events, local community activities.

From contributing to activities like the Christmas Bazaar, to joining events like the Parent Gala, the British Office's Scottish Ball, the ANZ Summer cruise - the teachers really contribute and participate in the local community.