Performing Arts

Students of all ages are encouraged to get involved in a wide variety of activities but, of course, they must choose wisely in order to maximise their personal contribution and passion. This includes many, many opportunities for our students to share their talents in the performing arts, demonstrating all of our core values: respect, participation, responsibility, creativity and perseverance. 

Performing Arts across the School

With specialist teachers, coaches and instructors, we provide outstanding opportunities for students who wish to pursue their passion for performing or try out new things: for example, to learn a new instrument, or work backstage during the annual musical production. 

In regular lessons as well as in the CCA programme, we have something for everyone: from singing in choirs, performing in large scale musicals, learning instruments and playing in different ensembles, to different styles of dance and acting in plays. There is rarely a month goes by when there is not some kind of performance happening at one of our campuses: Chinese drummers celebrating the Lantern Festival in the atrium at ESC, or younger students performing about the lifecycle of bugs. Creativity and diversity are our strengths! 

Music, Dance and Drama at the Primary Campus 

Music is a one of the most active and extensive areas of the Co-Curricular Activity Programme. A wide variety of activities is offered after school or at lunchtimes. Music Groups/Ensembles and Peripatetic Lessons come under the umbrella of Music CCAs.

At present we are pleased to offer:

Music Groups: Beginner Band, Primary Orchestra, Lower Choir, Upper Choir, Flute Ensemble, Harp Ensemble and Jazz Band. 

Peripatetic Music: The TES Peripatetic Programme provides instrumental specialist teachers for most orchestral and band instruments in addition to singing. Instruments currently taught are violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp, guitar, ukulele, piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone/euphonium and voice.

Lessons are available at lunchtimes (30 minutes per lesson) or after school (35 minutes per lesson) and take place within practice rooms in the Junior School Music Department.

We currently offer free rental on wind or brass instruments for students who would like to begin lessons.

Dance is offered in 3 forms; Ballet, Jazz dance and Hip-Hop. There is a real passion for dance as it is offered to infant through to junior students.

Parents get to watch the children play and dance  at events like the Christmas Bazaar, Tri-section Musical Recital, Dance Recital as well as smaller events. These are real highlights for the children and their families - we have amazingly enthusiastic, talented and courageous performers.

Secondary and High School Campus

As the students get older, the opportunities continue.

Music is a hallmark of our school. Students of all ages, Year 7 to H4, perform in the orchestra, choirs, big band, various rock bands and smaller ensembles. The students regularly perform in concerts both on and off campus, including whole school events such as the Christmas Bazaar and the Autumn Festival.

The calibre of our dramatic performances is also well-known in Taipei, and the annual ESC musical production is always a sell-out. Past productions have included Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, The King and I, Oliver, Grease, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz! There are many opportunities to get involved.

Tri-section Primary Orchestra

Ode to Joy

Jasmine Flower

Primary FOBISIA Dance Competition - Winners - Jazz Contemporary & Creativity and Choreography

Secondary FOBISIA Dance Competition - Winners - Hip-Hop/ Other Street styles

Jazz Dance at Christmas Bazaar

Primary School Orchestra

Primary Choir


A Christmas Carol