Learning Spaces

Classrooms are far more than bricks and mortar; they are an environment for students to learn and flourish. Learning spaces in the school are purposefully designed to ensure that the learning experience is engaging in an age and subject appropriate manner.  

Classroom Learning Spaces

Primary Campus Classroom Learning Spaces

Open area units in the infant class, enabling students to socialise, interact with different types of learning materials and be active in a play-based learning space.

The primary classrooms have reading areas, community work areas and flexible desk arrangements which enable the day to be structured in many different ways to keep maximum student engagement.

Outside areas, shared learning spaces and break out spaces are utilised by teachers.

Secondary Campus Classroom Learning Spaces

At Secondary level, specialist learning spaces are important to the provision of great teaching and learning. Specialist teaching rooms areas include: drama studios, computer-based music laboratory and music practice rooms, science laboratories, multiple gymnasiums with the latest sporting equipment and a dance studio. General classroom areas are also well resourced, prioritizing the inclusion of technology and spaces for collaborative work.  

Drama Soft Suite - Secondary Campus

Reading Nook - French Classroom

Music rooms at Primary campus

Brainstorming Desk - Flexible Learning