Service Learning

A key message of the TES mission is to 'Do well by doing good'.  Our faculty and students lead the way by undertaking projects locally, nationally and internationally to improve the world and the lives of others. Students learn empathy, responsibility and perseverance when becoming involved with these projects.

Service Learning Projects at TES

Primary Campus

The work of the students in the Eco-committee of the Primary Campus has been both proactive and diverse, with an Eco Action Week each year where the focus is to raise awareness of how we can all take steps, young and old, to look after our environment. As a whole school we work tirelessly to develop our awareness of the environment and how we as students, parents and staff can do more both within the school and in the community to help. One part of this is being a part of the Eco-Schools programme, the world’s largest sustainable schools programme which has led to action based learning.

Many projects are going on throughout the year, with efforts this year focused on planting new trees in school, cleaning a local beach, increasing the number of recycling bins and a campaign to raise the students' understanding of how recycling can help protect our planet.

Last year the Eco Committee was invited to present at a Eco Symposium in Taiwan to share with the participants the work that has been taking place to become a Green Flag School. The students did an amazing job and received much praise for the work they have been doing in school on the reduce food waste project and the save energy project.

Secondary Campus

Service Learning is at the core of “doing well by doing good”, serving a dual function. Through service, our students give back to the community, playing an active role as globally-minded citizens. Through the learning aspect, they actively reflect on this work, allowing them to build their own skill set in areas such as planning, time management, teamwork and creativity. No act of service is too small; whether it be service within the TES community or in the wider community, we encourage students to “Take Notice, Give, Be Active, Keep Learning and Connect”.

Service Learning occurs at all year levels so that by the time students participate in the Creativity, Activity and Service programme as part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, they are able to plan and implement their projects independently. Some of the key service opportunities in the BSHS Section include tree planting, waste recycling, supporting children with special needs and teaching English in indigenous Taiwanese communities, and ongoing projects through connections with local and international organisations such as Amnesty International, Tabitha Cambodia, Red Cross and Harmony Home. 

Sustainability project 

Primary Beach Cleaning Team

Primary Garden club

Secondary Hibiscus Planting