Sport provides a platform for students to learn and flourish, and to live and breathe our core values: Participation; Perseverance; Respect; Responsibility; and Creativity. Being part of the school’s sport set-up will also enable an appreciation for the role and value of the individual, and the importance of each team-member within a group setting.

Sports Teams 

At both the Primary and Secondary Campuses, sporting opportunities are available for all students, at whichever level they wish to participate. 

The TES mascot is a Formosan Bear, and is a symbol of the unity of all four sections as one international school in Taiwan. 

Primary Campus Sport

Sport at the Primary campus provides the opportunity for all students to participate in a variety of both team and individual sports. The Primary Co-Curricular Activities programme have practice sessions after school  between 3:15pm - 4:15pm with the school faculty, led by the PE Department. Specialist outside coaching is also available for some sports after 4:15pm.

Saturday sport opportunities are also available and very popular.

Our sports programme consists of a broad range of activities and caters for all ability levels.

Primary Campus Sport

TES Primary Paiwan Tribe wins Sports day
TES Primary Sports day
TES Primary Sports day
TES Primary Girls' Football team
TES British Primary PE class

Secondary Campus Sport

Participation in sports is an integral part of a student's educational experience, and we attempt to provide co-curricular sport opportunities for all students who wish to participate. The programme is extensive and includes the core team sports of football, basketball, volleyball, softball and also a variety of other sports such as tennis, cross country, swimming, athletics and badminton.

Sport at the Secondary campus gives students the chance to participate together, and includes opportunities to represent the TES Bears at interschool tournaments. This is supported by expert coaching for all our core sports at Varsity & Junior Varsity level.

Secondary and High School Sport

TES High School Varsity Girls Volleyball team
TES Secondary Girls' Volleyball game
TES Secondary U15 FOBISIA sports event
TES Secondary Boys football match
TES Secondary PE class
TES High School Weights room

Local Sport 

TES is a founding member of the Taiwan International Schools Sports Association (TISSA) which provides competitive sport across Taiwan. This sports conference enables our students to compete against other international schools in a variety of sports.

In addition to this, we also link with local Secondary and High Schools and compete throughout the academic year. This provides a wonderful link with our local community and helps foster friendly competition among a close network of schools.

Overseas Trips

For more advanced competition, there is involvement with FOBISIA (Federation of Overseas British International Schools in Asia) games and additional opportunities to travel overseas to compete with other International Schools in Asia. These competitions offers the students a unique experience that they will remember for life.