Fees and Policies

The Taipei European school operates as 'One School' so all Policies and Conditions are unified for all Sections. However, the uniqueness of having different curriculums working across the sections means that there are some small variances in the Fees structure and so each section publishes these separately under the TES framework.


Policies and Procedures 

All policies are drawn up by the leadership team and then ratified at Board of Director level, ensuring policies are implemented uniformly across the school.

From a procedural level, there are some specific areas that relate to the section and its curriculum and so it is important that parents understand that some processes will vary slightly from section to section as regards the curriculum being used.

TES Terms and Conditions

Understanding how the school works and its culture is a key factor to any family as they decide on which school to apply to and ultimately attend. The Taipei European School's Terms and Conditions document is essentially an overview of the character, culture and operations of the school - we are looking for families that share the same values in education and in life.

To read the TES terms and Conditions please click here.

All parents will need to sign that they have both read and fully accept the terms and conditions before accepting an place offer. 

Section School Fees 2023-24

TES Policies