British Primary

Welcome from the Head of the British Primary Section

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the British Primary Section.  It is our intention that the information you gain from these pages provides you with a unique flavour of the experiences and opportunities that enable all our students to flourish and make a positive contribution to society!

Siobhain Allum, Head of British Primary Section.

10 Things You Should Know


Our dedicated staff and purposefully designed learning environment ensures that all children flourish 

Continued Professional Development

Emphasis is placed on continual professional development ensuring that all staff are best placed to meet the needs of all children

Life-long learning

A rich curriculum that enables all children to utilise knowledge and build life-long skills in a variety of contexts


A Section that believes learning can be acquired beyond the confines of the walls of a classroom


With the Learner Profile at our core - instigating opportunities for children to continually reflect, a key contributor to future proofing success  


Specialist teachers which enhance learning in the arts, performing arts and sporting arena to ensure that all have opportunity to showcase strengths


An ethos which supports integration of technology to make a difference in teaching and showcase learning

Dual Language

We provide a dual language pathway, designed to support learning which utilises rich Mandarin and English language.


A rich diverse student population which has equality at its core


We care about every child and safeguarding student success is a priority 

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The unique features of the British Primary Section

Approaches to Learning

Our teaching and learning approaches are guided by the national curriculum for England with additional enhancements, particularly around the creation of specialist subjects.

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Learner Profile

The learner profile is a set of attributes and values that was co-constructed by the BPS community. These attributes go beyond academic success and they underpin our curriculum.

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Student Leadership

We give children a voice to shape the world, offering a range of opportunities to lead in different areas of school life and at various age levels across the school.

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We provide child-centered supportive initiatives that ensure all children transition successfully when moving up to their new year group or if joining the school.

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Student Voices

Meet some of our students


I love being at school because you can learn.

Ellie, Year 1


Teachers give me positive energy to do my best.

Julian, Year 6


I love playing with my friends. I like to play in the sand and make things.

Olivier, Reception


I like our integrated curriculum because it’s well thought out.

Amber, Year 6

I like the resources we have access to. Jennifer, Year 6


As I am from England, I really like that I can speak English at school. I enjoy playing with the toys in the playground and  I also like that we have a role play area in the classroom. Rey, Year 2