Student Leadership

An important part of school life is the provision of opportunities for all students to take ownership and responsibility for events and projects. The Student Leadership initiatives are developed throughout the primary age groups and help the children develop more independent thinking as well as communication skills to initiate positive change for the school.

Student Leaders

We have created a range of meaningful leadership opportunities which include our Head boy and girl, who are visible to all members of our community. There are also roles for our older children to be student mediators across the campus. In addition we have sports, tribe and tech leaders. 

The Tribe System & Leadership

The Tribe System has been fully developed throughout the British Primary School and has arguably become one of its most distinctive characteristics. The names of the Tribes are based upon four indigenous groups within Taiwan: Paiwan, Rukia, Ami and Bunan. It is central to the sense of community and atmosphere within the school, allowing opportunities for student autonomy to occur and creating a vertical pastoral structure where pupils of different ages are grouped together.

Students at Taipei European School quickly embrace the benefits of their Tribe which has a positive impact on their personal development. Our Tribes are effectively family units with responsibilities falling to older pupils to care for and support younger pupils. During the numerous competitions between the Tribes, a sense of comradery and belonging can be seen between the close-knit Tribe communities. A variety of leadership roles and responsibilities fall to the older students who gain the opportunity to become their Tribe Leader.


Student Mediators



Mediator Training 



2023-24 BPS Tribe Captains

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2023-24 BPS Student Council

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