Student Accomplishment and Leadership

In the British Secondary and High School, we expect that every member of our community strives for excellence in all we do. We celebrate our students' achievements through our awards programme. This is in addition to an intentional programme that has been designed to develop future leaders, empower student voice and encourage participation across the whole school.

BSHS Awards: Achievement and Values

Achievement Awards are given by Heads of Department to the top-performing students in each year group. They are given out twice in the year (at the end of each semester). 

Achievement Awards give recognition for academic excellence; they are sought-after and competitive. However, sometimes, there is an incorrect assumption that the top-performing students achieve success easily (i.e. that it comes naturally to them, and without very much effort). In the British Secondary and High School, we know that the opposite is true. We are immensely proud of our students who achieve the highest levels of academic success: they are self-motivated; they actively participate in lessons; they are not afraid to ask for help when they need it; they take care of themselves, physically and mentally; and they make time to reward their hard work by doing things they enjoy. 

The Values Awards give recognition to students for demonstrating the TES Community Values: Respect; Participation; Responsibility; Creativity; and Perseverance. They are given out twice in the year (at the end of each semester). 

The personal development of our students is as important to us as their academic development, and so the Values Awards are, of course, of equal importance to the Achievement Awards. Through extensive enrichment opportunities, service projects, and Positive Education (Core) lessons, it is our aim to support all of our students to recognise their own potential and to set high standards for themselves. We hope that all of our students, and their parents, will place a high value on the personal qualities and attributes that will enable them to make a positive difference in their own lives, and in the lives of others. More than anything, we want every member of our community to learn and flourish - to be positively engaged at school and in the wider world, to feel energised and to enjoy what they do.

Student Leadership Positions

There are a number of student leadership positions that students are invited to apply for, depending on their year level and relevant experience. These include positions on the Student Council, Sports Leaders, Music Leaders, Peer Mentors and House Captains. Students are given regular opportunities to participate in leadership skills development from Year 7 onwards.

Sports Leaders 

Music Leaders 

House Captains 

Student Council