Chinese Language and Culture Programme

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Welcome from the Head of the Chinese Language and Culture Programme

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The Chinese Language and Culture (CLC) programme is a whole-school programme conducted consistently across all school sections via integrated classes.  All students at TES are able to fulfill their linguistic potential in Chinese and are provided with various opportunities to appreciate and experience Chinese cultural heritage. 

Flora Sung, Head of CLC Programme

10 Things You Should Know

Experienced Teachers 經驗豐富的老師

All our teachers are specialist Chinese language teachers.


Communication First 溝通為導向的學習

Communicative skills in Chinese, which may vary in scope and depth, open a window into the host culture and society.

Cultural Inclusion 文化包容

The teaching and learning of Chinese is a long term priority creating a sense of inclusion to the Taiwanese community.

Diversity 多元化

The diverse demography of our students requires diversified needs and objectives so we offer 3 distinct level pathways to learning Chinese.

Linguistic Curiosity 語言好奇心

Harnessing the desire to connect by using Chinese, either at a near native level or as a second or foreign language

Examination Results 考試成果

Chinese is taken at IGCSE level and also IB, with Dual language IB diploma a popular option.

Cultural Events 文化活動

The CLC programme is visible in all aspects of school life through various cultural activities, both in and out of the classroom.

Love of Learning 熱愛學習

We encourage meaningful learning, on campus and at home, and strive to cultivate lasting love for the Chinese language and culture.

Whole Person Approach 全人教學法

Chinese, along with other languages, is a key element in the development of every TES student as a whole person.

Global Connection 全球接軌

Chinese is one of the most popular world languages in various contexts and extremely useful in the global environment.

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The unique features for the Chinese Language and Culture programme

Chinese Foreign Language

For students that have not studied Chinese previously or only as a foreign language. Students learn  to communicate in Chinese and understand Chinese culture.

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Chinese Language

For students who are able to communicate fluently in Chinese and are aiming to further enhance their literary proficiency.

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Chinese Language and Literature

The Chinese Language and Literature course targets students who have a strong literary foundation and who are fluent in both written and spoken Chinese.

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Chinese Culture and Events

Chinese culture and the heritage of our host country are celebrated across the school and throughout the year, students learn about and participate in these events.

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Student Voices

Meet some of our students.


I like learning Chinese because I get to learn a new language. In class I enjoy learning new vocabulary.  Anika, Year 4

The course has challenged me to explore and analyze literary works of a wide range of cultures, forms, and time periods. I have not only learned to reflect critically upon my reading, but more importantly -- developed a deeper sense of appreciation for Chinese literature. Shannon, H4


After taking this challenging but rewarding course, I have undoubtedly gained a greater appreciation of Chinese in everyday language and literature by newfound in depth analysis skills. On a macro level, this course has fostered in me a deeper understanding of our world by linking global issues into texts and assessing its purpose by taking in contextual details. Ting-Jen Kuo, H4

In class, I am given the opportunity to enhance my comprehension of the Chinese language in a comfortable learning environment, participating in general class discussions about Taiwanese culture and traditions, something valuable when interacting with locals as a foreigner. Faris, H4

I think that Chinese class is really helpful and fun because it is suited for our personal level, also because we use fun programmes to help us learn and improve at Chinese. Keira, BSHS Year 7

Chinese class to me is amazing and exhilarating because I get to improve and it is also exciting.

Arthur, BSHS Year 7