Chinese Culture and Cultural Events

The Chinese Language Culture (CLC) programme is visible in all aspects of school life through various cultural activities, both in and out of the classroom.  Students are provided with various opportunities to experience Chinese culture through the Co-Curricular Activities after school like Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Cooking, Chinese Drumming, Chinese Dance, Chinese Chess, Chinese Air-Drops, Chinese Story Time...etc.

Chinese Culture and Cultural Events 

Learning Chinese is not only a language learning process, but also the collusion and exchange between Chinese culture and other cultures of the world. We also organise some events for our students to enrich our programme. For all the students, we celebrate Chinese New Year, Moon Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Birth of Confucius.

Invited Guests

For Chinese Language and Chinese Language & Literature courses, we invite visiting authors to talk to our students. In recent years, we invited Mr. Huang Chun-Ming (黃春明), Mr. Wang Wen Hua(王文華),  Mr. Hsiao Yeh (小野), Mr. Lin Shi-Ren(林世仁), Mr. Liu Hsu-Kung (劉旭恭) and Mr. Cao Jun-Yan(曹俊彥). Before they came, students studied essays, poems, and the stories they wrote. Students discussed their works during Chinese lessons and the library organised quiz time to engage students and promote reading in Chinese.  

Chinese Bazaar

The Chinese Bazaar is where our Chinese as a Foreign Language group invite  students to join the events. Before the bazaar, students need to prepare a stall by themselves or with a partner. They could sell the cake they made, a game they would like to play with others or do some art work. During the events, students need to present the games, quiz or introduce what they made in Chinese.

Primary Campus Chinese New Year Celebrations 2022

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Chinese Dragon Staff Team

Chinese Drumming 

Traditional Lion Dance

Lantern Day