Chinese Language

The Chinese Language course of study (CL) targets students who are able to communicate fluently in Chinese and are aiming to further enhance their literary proficiency. This group of students form the majority of Chinese learners at TES, as they usually do in international schools in Chinese speaking communities.

Chinese Language Students

Students in the Chinese Language (CL) course of study are able to use Chinese purposefully and effectively in complex academic and social contexts. CL learners will also acquire a solid intercultural awareness at the end of the programme, as they are not only learning the language but also acquiring social-cultural knowledge through the language.

Curriculum Pathway

The overall CL curriculum is backward designed to the end goals of IB Diploma Chinese B programs

In the Primary School, the CL course is based on four broad topics: Young People and Education, Society, the World and Cultural Diversity to ensure a smooth transition from Primary to Secondary school.

In the first three secondary years, the CL course covers all the examination topics of IGCSE Chinese  Second Language as an intensive study, preparing students for their onward Chinese pursuit of examination courses at high school.

Task-Based Work

Chinese Dance

Group Activities