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Welcome from the Head of French Section

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C’est avec grande fierté et beaucoup d’enthousiasme que je vous accueille à la section française.

At the French Section, students appreciate all manner of learning experiences whilst embracing the love of learning with the support and encouragement of their teachers and supporting staff. I encourage you to discover more about this amazing place.

Benjamin Orillon, Head of French Section

10 Things You Should Know

Diversity and Inclusivity - in our DNA

Language, culture, ethnicity, and experience are at the heart of the education with three languages of instruction, and an integrated French – English curriculum, completed with Chinese Language and Culture to develop cultural intelligence and global awareness

School Community

The international and francophile nature of our section plays a central role in the school, in that it connects and bonds the engagement of our globally-minded families.  Parental engagement is a crucial aspect of supporting the children's education, and family friendships are forged through our shared TES experiences.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Students have plenty of opportunities to strengthen their leadership skills, direct their own experiences, and lead others in projects, activities and beyond.

Great Teachers from Across the Globe

TES attracts the most experienced, creative, caring and dynamic teachers from around the world.

Holistic Programmes

Students' prospects go beyond academics.  They can experience a vast array of activities and discover their own interests and balance between social, emotional and educational needs. Social responsibility programmes from our primary school’s Eco School Project to the secondary school’s collaboration with the Yangmingshan National Park are just the tip of the iceberg to learning to do well by doing good.

Focus on Wellbeing

Every student is looked after and supported in every aspect of their school life. Wellbeing for all is essential for our section. Our pastoral care programme supports and promotes the development of empathy, social and emotional skills for all to feel good and to do well.

Language Acquisition

As all recent studies show, speaking another language gives remarkable advantages in life; be they cognitive, economic, social, cultural as well as healthful. The French section with its bilingual French - English curriculum aims to develop multicultural and bi-literate individuals who will make a difference in tomorrow's world.

Chinese Language Programme

The school takes great pride in the development of Chinese Language for the different levels of Chinese speaking students across all school sections. We incorporate the traditions and culture of our Taiwanese host nation to deliver an authentic Chinese language experience.

Accomplishments and Successes

Students consistently get amazing IBDP and French Baccalaureate results year after year. Our students matriculate in top colleges and universities and take courses that fit their talents, interests and future goals.

Accreditations Across all Curricula

Each section is fully accredited through national or international accreditation bodies.  (French accreditation, IB, college matriculation)

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The unique features of the French Section

Educational Journey

An exceptional multilingual and multicultural educational experience at state-of-the-art campuses.

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Special Projects

Special projects are an important part of the section's curriculum and culture.

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Language Pathways

The French-English pathway at primary level provides a bilingual approach for students.

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College and High School

The end of high school (lycee) students will sit the new version of the Baccalaureat 2021.

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Student Voices

Meet some of our students


Dans la section française, nous apprenons trois langues différentes, ce qui nous offre de nombreuses possibilités de communiquer avec d'autres personnes.

In the French Section, we learn three languages so we have many opportunities to communicate with other people. 

Manon, CM2

L'école permet aux élèves de réaliser leur propre projet pédagogique cela nous permet de développer d'autres compétences que celles développées en cours.

The school allows students to carry out their own educational project, which allows us to develop skills other than those developed in class.

Margot, Première

Nous sommes plus libres d'être nous-mêmes et nous nous respectons mutuellement beaucoup.

We have more freedom to be ourselves and show each other a lot of respect.
Hunter, CM2 

La Section Française a des cours de philosophie obligatoires. Dans ces cours, on apprend non seulement des textes en français mais aussi en anglais et donc on étudie de multiples sujets et cela nous aide à être plus informés sur le monde.

The French Section has mandatory philosophy classes. In these classes, we learn not only texts in French but also in English, so we study multiple issues and that helps us to be more informed about the world.  Pyrahn, Terminale


J'aime notre école parce qu'on étudie tout en jouant. On ne se contente pas seulement de faire des fiches. J'aime tout dans cette école !

I like our school because when we play, we study too. We don't just write sheets. I like everything about the school! 
Adeline, CE1

J'aime notre école parce qu'on étudie tout en jouant. On ne se contente pas seulement de faire des fiches. J'aime tout dans cette école !

I like sports, especially football. I like English too. We do fun things like we made ice cream! School is fun!

Enzo, CE1

J’aime beaucoup l’ambiance de la Section Française. Par exemple, comment les professeurs interagissent avec les élèves et comment les professeurs sont non seulement des personnes qui nous éduquent, mais sont aussi comme des amis pour nous.  

I really like the atmosphere of the French section, for example the way teachers interact with the students.  Also, for us, the teachers are not only people who educate us but the teachers in our section are like friends for us.  Kurt, 3ème

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TES French Section Primary student
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