Educational Journey

The French Section offers an exceptional multilingual and multicultural educational experience across two state-of-the-art campuses.  It prepares all students to pursue their educational journeys anywhere in the world and to become confident, globally-minded and engaged citizens.  The French Section's primary goal is for all students to flourish and succeed as lifelong learners.  We teach them the love of learning and help them to realise their full social, emotional and academic potential.


French Section Curriculum 

The French Section offers linguistic and academic excellence within a robust curriculum that includes science, technology, arts, and athletics. We promote multilingual education and deliver the curriculum through French, English, and Chinese languages. Our students are equipped with linguistic and cultural skills to understand tomorrow's global world better. The French Section also provides its students with the ITC resources to develop their digital literacy, take ownership of their learning and grow into well-informed digital citizens.

Multilingual, Multicultural Education

The French Section aims to use Taiwan's diversity and richness for the education of its students and be a valuable and compelling promoter of multilingual and multicultural education in Taiwan. Students, staff, and families appreciate a family school and a welcoming setting where positive communication and effective collaboration benefit everyone. Each community member is praised for their input and achievements, contributing to the wellbeing and success of all our students

Academic Profile 2023-24

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