German Section

Welcome from the Head of the German Section

Willkommen bei der Deutschen Sektion der TES, welcome to the German Section. As Deutsche Schule Taipei, we are the German School in Taiwan that is certified and supported by the German government. We are the school of choice for all families interested in German education following German curricula.

Andreas Hilsbos, Head of the German Section

Things You Should Know

The key benefits to joining the German Section

Anerkannte und geförderte Deutsche Auslandsschule

Als Deutsche Auslandsschule sind alle unsere Zeugnisse und Abschlüsse in Deutschland anerkannt. Ein Wechsel ins Inland oder an eine andere deutsche Schule im Ausland ist jederzeit problemfrei möglich.

Official German School Abroad

As an official German School Abroad, all our certificates are recognized in Germany. A transfer to Germany or to another German School Abroad is seamlessly possible at any time.

Zugang zu deutschen Universitäten

Unsere Abschlüsse ermöglichen den Zugang zu Universitäten in Deutschland und auf der ganzen Welt. Universitäten in Deutschland sind öffentlich finanziert und erheben meist keine Studiengebühren.

Easy Access to Universities in Germany

Our leaving certificates offer easy access to universities in Germany and world-wide. German universities are government funded and largely tuition free.

Staatliche Förderung und Qualitätssicherung

Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland unterstützt und berät uns. Das garantiert qualifiziertes Lehrpersonal, gesicherte Finanzierung und eine verlässliche Qualität.

German government support and quality management

The German government supports and advises us. This guarantees qualified teachers, sound finances and reliable quality.

Förderung von Mehrsprachigkeit

Unsere Sprachprogramme bereiten vor auf universitäre Studiengänge in Deutsch, Englisch oder Chinesisch.

Language support programmes

Our language support programmes can prepare students for university courses in German, English or Chinese.

Lehrkräfte mit deutschem Staatsexamen

Unsere Lehrkräfte erfüllen die hohen Qualifikationsvoraussetzungen für den innerdeutschen Schuldienst oder können entsprechende österreichische oder schweizerische Qualifikationen vorweisen.

Highly qualified Teachers

Our teachers meet the high qualification requirements of the German civil service or Austrian or Swiss equivalents.

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The unique features of the German Section


Through play we develop children's fundamental skills and enable them to become independent.

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Grundschule / Primary

We support each individual to develop their fundamental skills, their values and their whole person.

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Sekundarschule / Secondary

Increasing integration of German and English leads to British and German certificates after Klasse 10.

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Oberstufe / High School

The Mixed Language IB (GIB) is the ideal preparation for university in Germany or anywhere in the world.

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Student Voices

Meet some of our students


Our diversity makes TES very special. It leads us students to appreciate our individuality, develop a strong sense of identity and gain a global view. 

Eileen, Klasse 10


My opinion is important here, because I am the class representative. I can say what can be improved and we can make new rules.

Estella, Klasse 3


My teachers treat me with respect and their classes are exciting enough for you not to get bored. I like my teachers a lot, because whenever I have a problem, I can approach them and they will help me.

Nicole, Klasse 7


My teacher is funny and the classes are good, too. Sometimes we make cool stuff, like yesterday we built flying things. The German Section is easier for me than the British section, because I am German.Elian, Klasse 3


At TES we have students from over 50 countries and we speak many languages. Because I can speak German, I will most likely go to university in Germany. Marcus, Klasse 7