Welcome to the Kindergarten of the German School Taipei! Our kindergarten is a place of interaction - where children from the most diverse cultural backgrounds come together, learn and live together.

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Our Kindergarten

At the Kindergarten of the German School Taipei, we welcome children from the age of 3 until they transition into school. To German-speaking children and children growing up with other languages we offer a place of encounter that offers a respecting and loving atmosphere and invites them to develop their personality. 

We care for 16 children in each of 3 mixed-age groups; for this purpose, we have generous spaces, a silence and music room, an extensive library, an amphitheatre and a children's kitchen at our disposal. For sports and exercise, we use the school's gyms and sports field.

The spacious outdoor area invites the children to play and experience nature.

Our multicultural team, which also includes language support staff, offers exciting, varied and creative activities.

The kindergarten is open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm. Additional childcare is available on request from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

The holidays are the same throughout all of Taipei European School.

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The Education we offer

Children are researchers and explorers and want to get to the bottom of things. In our kindergarten rooms there are many opportunities for discoveries through play and movement.  A wide variety of activities, books, musical instruments and construction materials arouse their curiosity. Here they can use free play to explore, try things out and learn independently.

The educational team accompanies the learning path of our children on the basis of the Thuringian educational plan. In our kindergarten we focus on 7 educational areas of this plan.

These areas of learning are incorporated into the programme and activities of the groups - the aim is to support the children individually in developing competencies in these learning areas.

Our Pedagogical Approach

Our focus is on the child with all its individual characteristics, needs and abilities. We see ourselves as pedagogical companions of the children, who experience attention, respect and reliability from us in a protected space.

Through trust, we enable the children to build confidence and courage and to become strong. This enables them to accept challenges and to develop on their path of living and learning. We support the children in developing their independence and social skills.

We work in a holistic and situation-oriented way: The topics grow out of the children's experiences or interests and can be discovered by them with all their senses. 

"Nothing is in the head that was not first in the senses" - children have to literally grasp things sensually before they can form a concept of them.

We encourage the children's own initiative and curiosity to discover their environment independently and to recognise and understand connections.

We teach the children values, initial knowledge and skills within a secure framework. Through projects, creative and musical activities or free play, they have the opportunity to go on journeys of discovery independently or with guidance and to develop their personality.

Our German Language Support

The language in our kindergarten is German. We also accept children without any knowledge of German.

Our language support staff help the children learn German through a carefully designed programme. In small groups, which are put together according to their language level, or within the entire kindergarten group in the "language bath", the children acquire their first German skills through play.

For our German-speaking children, we have varied language and reading activities on offer.

Our goal is to enable the children to successfully enter primary school - we ensure this with a playful, colourful and cheerful language programme.

Our Strengths

These are just some of our strengths:
  • Living and learning together in a multicultural environment
  • Large campus with many offerings
  • Small group sizes
  • Learning culture in the tradition of German education
  • Close cooperation with the primary school
  • Education for responsibility and independence          
  • Focus on musical education
  • In-house optimised and tested language education programme
  • An enthusiastic, committed and experienced team that treats children and parents with an attitude of appreciation.

Our kindergarten is the right place for your children if you want to open up a successful future for them. We lay the foundations for your children to grow into a global world that they will help shape responsibly and critically.

Come to meet us! We look forward to getting to know you and your child! Find out how to join!