German Kindergarten Events

A key aspect of the German Kindergarten is the special cultural Events that we celebrate throughout the year. These are highly generative for the children's education generally but particularly motivational and enjoyable for them too.

Kindergarten Events

In addition to some specifically German holidays and events that are celebrated - Nikolaus - Vorlesetag - St Martin - Ostern - Fasching - there are also a number of events which are collaborative ones across the entire primary campus, tri-sectional. These give the children an additional opportunity to play with French and British Section children. At this young age they begin to understand and embrace diversity - learning and sharing with children from across the world.

Kiga Graduation video 2022

Events from 2021-22

Easter 2022

Decorating Lanterns 2022

Christmas 2021

Peace Day 2021

Sports Day 2022

St Martin's Day 2021

St Nicholas' Day 2021

Carnival 2022

Reading Day 2021

Halloween 2021

Events from 2020-21

Eastern 2021

Sonnenmacher 2021