Parents Council

Parents Council Introduction

The Parents Council of the German Section is formed by the parents´ representatives.

Our mission is to improve communication between the school and parents, provide feedback on issues related to teaching and learning, and support non-curriculum related educational activities.

At the beginning of the school year, each German Section class elects 2 parents´ representatives to serve on the Parents Council. Parent Council meetings are held monthly to discuss news and school activities. Parents Council members also participate in planning cross-cutting events, fundraising, and discussing issues that affect all students.

The German Section Parents Council actively participates in the following school-wide events: monthly PSC meetings, Autumn Festival, Christmas Bazaar, Gala Dinner, and School Food Project.

In the German Section's specific programs, the Parents Council participates in and supports the following activities: Lantern Festival, Reading Day and Book Sale, St. Nicholas, German Section Christmas Party, Project Week, Easter Egg Hunt, Teacher and Staff Appreciation, Summer Party, Teacher Conference, Quality Management Steering Committee, Monthly Newsletter, etc.

If you are interested in being actively involved in school events and student learning programs, join us!

Members of Parents Council 2022-2023


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