German Secondary

All of us in the Secondary School of the German Section at Taipei European School welcome you!


German and British Qualifications

Based on the examination regulations for German schools abroad approved by the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs, the German Section's secondary school leads to all German lower secondary qualifications.  In addition, our students have the opportunity to graduate with the British IGCSE.

Integrated Lessons

The special feature of our section is above all the integrated programme. From Year 5 onwards, our students receive tuition in English in art, music and PE, mostly in mixed groups with the other sections. 

From the 9th grade onwards, integration is further intensified and extended to other subjects, so that our learners are optimally prepared to enter the IB programme on completion of their lower secondary education.

Focus on Languages

Language and language acquisition is our main focus. In addition to the continuous promotion of the German language at all class levels and the intensive English programme, our learners can choose between French or - under certain conditions - Chinese as a second foreign language at the end of grade 5.