German Primary

The students and teachers of the German primary school welcome you!


The Joy of Learning

At our primary school, the joy of learning is at the centre of attention. We are a place for learning and living, in which students are taught in a community-oriented, holistic and future-oriented manner on the basis of the Thuringian Education Plan.

Developing the Whole Person

In addition to the acquisition of cultural techniques, we teach tolerance and solidarity, thus interlocking knowledge transfer, value acquisition and personality development. Democracy can be experienced in our school by living dialogue and cooperation in everyday school life.

Every child has a right to individual support. Everyone can experience success and feel the cohesion of the school community. We attach great importance to the encouragement of our students - because only encouraged children become responsible adults.

European Culture in an Asian Environment

Taipei European School is unique in the world. Here our children find European culture and history outside of Europe, embedded in an East Asian environment. 

Numerous cultural activities (International Day, Peace Day, Halloween, International Rights of the Child day, Chinese New Year...) are celebrated across all sections and are highlights throughout the school year.