German as a Second Language (DaZ)

Language Support at the German Section - German as a Foreign / Second Language

The German Section implements a continuous language education programme that ensures targeted language support starting from the Kindergarten stage. 

The children’s level of language proficiency is continuously monitored in kindergarten, primary school and secondary school, using methods of status and process diagnosis. After the level of language proficiency has been determined, individual support programmes are drawn up for those students who require extra language support. They are then assigned to groups according to their respective level of proficiency. Additional language support is provided in small groups (4-6 students) and, in exceptional cases, on a one-on-one basis. The children's language progress is re-evaluated and documented every six months.

The aim of the school is to transfer the children as quickly as possible from additional language support (in addition to regular lessons) to integrative language support (integrated into regular lessons), not only to ensure that they will not have any curricular deficits, but also to maintain social relationships within the class.

Admission and language integration of students who come from a background where German is not their native language can be achieved without any major problems if they are enrolled at an early stage (1st to 3rd year of Kindergarten).

It is far more difficult for children who enter the school at a later stage. Because the language environment outside the school is not German, parents are advised to arrange for extra language support for their children in the afternoons. Our Language Coordinator will be glad to give you individual advice.

This process is essential in order to acquire the level of proficiency in German that is urgently needed to qualify for the exams at the end of Klasse 10.

Admission of children without any prior knowledge of German is only possible in Kindergarten.

Students are required to have sufficient knowledge of the German language to be admitted to the primary and secondary school.


Language Requirements

The conditions for admission as stated in the table below refer to the Common European Framework of Reference for the learning of languages:

    Kindergarten       No knowledge of German required    
Klasse 1 and 2   A1
Klasse 3 and 4   A2
Klasse 5 A2/B1
Klasse 6 B1
Klasse 7 B2
Klasse 8 C1
higher grades C1/C2


The language proficiency level for admission to the Primary School and Klasse 5 is evaluated by means of a formal language proficiency test. In order to be admitted to Klasse 6 or higher, a certificate from an external certified institution must be submitted to confirm the level of language proficiency. This can be acquired at the Goethe-Institut in Taipei.