German Nursery

Welcome to the Kindergarten of the German School Taipei! Our kindergarten is a place of encounter - here children from the most diverse cultural backgrounds meet, learn and live together.

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German Nursery

We see the diversity of mother tongues, traditions, values and expectations that are brought into our institution by the families and their children as a great opportunity and as an enrichment.

We teach the children to be open, respectful and tolerant in their interactions with each other - qualities and attitudes that are increasingly needed in our rapidly changing world.

Group Composition

The kindergarten can accommodate 50 children in three age- and gender-mixed groups. A team composed of kindergarten management, group leaders, language support staff and assistants is available to care for the children.

Children over the age of three can attend the Kindergarten. We also accept children who do not have any prior knowledge of German and we teach them the German language if they plan to receive a German school education.

How We Work

In our work, we follow the 'situation-oriented approach' within the framework of the Educational Plan of the federal state of Thuringia. The basis of this approach is always the child's living environment. The educators utilize situations that are relevant to the children's lives to enable them to process their experiences and impressions constructively, e.g. through project work. 

In early childhood education, free play as a fundamental form of learning plays an important role:

Here children learn, among many other things, to be creative, to build social relationships, to experience self-efficacy or to be able to compromise. They process their experiences in autonomous play and thereby understand and master the world.

However, educational processes are also stimulated by the educators and learning spaces are created in which the children can deal with a variety of topics, either under guidance or independently. It is important to us that the children are supported in their development in a holistic way, with all their senses. 

Regular music and sports lessons and visits to the library extend the educational programme of our kindergarten.

Flex 0

Children who have reached the age of five attend the Flexible School Entrance Stage “Flex 0” to the Primary School. During “Flex 0”, the children pass through a pre-school programme for one hour per day. In this programme, individual care is provided for the children from Kindergarten until they begin school. According to the children’s individual stage of development, the teachers gradually introduce them to school in a playful manner and give them tasks that are specifically tailored to their needs.

The children regularly join students from the first school year. Here the children receive the best possible preschool support in combination with playful activities. This ensures that the children experience a smooth transition when they move on to Primary School later on. Furthermore, the class teachers get a first impression of their future students.

Head of Department

Ms. Veronika Pfannkuch

Nature wants children to be children before they are men

Jean-Jacques Rousseau