German Upper Secondary

Welcome to the Upper Secondary of the German Section!


3 Subjects Each in German and English

As an entrance qualification for universities in Germany and around the world, the German School Taipei offers the Mixed Language IB Diploma Programme (GIB).
In contrast to the IB programme at the High School, 3 of the 6 IB subjects of the GIB are taught and examined in German. In our upcoming IB year, these are: 

  • German A: Language and Literature, 
  • History and 
  • Biology. 

Mathematics or Chemistry could also be taught and examined in German in the future. In addition to the subjects in German, English-language subjects are chosen from the programme of the High School.

Recognized in Germany and World-Wide

Graduates of the GIB receive a regular bilingual IB diploma, which is welcomed by universities worldwide. 
In Germany, the GIB is recognised as a general university entrance qualification without any further language or assessment test.
Thanks to the GIB's balanced bilingualism, students maintain and develop their academic language skills in both German and English.
Like the entire school operation of the German Section, the implementation of the GIB is controlled and supported by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Close Partnership with the High School

The German Section offers the GIB in close cooperation with the High School and our students have access to the same resources as those in the High School Section. Among other things, we share the IB coordination, the CAS programme and the University and Careers Counsellors.