Counselling Services

Our counselling centre promotes students’ wellbeing and provides social and emotional support for students. Our counsellors deliver lessons on social-emotional, academic, interpersonal and multicultural competencies. Our  counsellors collaborate with parents, teachers, and other professionals at school to build a comprehensive network to strengthen students’ resilience and wellbeing.

Counselling Services

Ensuring the wellbeing of students is a core belief of the school and as such a new counselling centre was launched both EPC and ESC campuses in 2020.

  • Individual Counselling: Students can schedule a one on one session for 30-50 minutes with a counsellor.
  • Group Counselling: With the number of 4-5 students to talk about the same issues, our counsellors can offer a 30-50 minute session in the group counselling room.
  • Workshops: Counsellors deliver seminars with various topics depending on teachers/students’ needs: E.g. Mindfulness, Communication, or Art therapy.
  • In-class Guidance Lesson: The counsellors can support class teachers regarding social-emotional related themed lesson plans
  • Self-referral System: Students access self refer if they feel that they are having problems.
  • Parents/Teachers Consultation: Parents and teachers can schedule a session with the counsellors to have further discussion about how we can better support the students at school.

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Art Therapy

Sandplay Therapy

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